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Analysis of IFI Voters' Guide Candidate Positions
by Laetitia Benberry

PRIMARY VOTER’S GUIDE IL Family Institute Issues


DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENDIAL CANDIDATES: Pres. Joe Biden, Frank Lozada, Dean Phillips and Marie Williamson support almost all of the policies below with unknown responses on 4 issues and a qualified response on 1 issue .


Abortion without any restrictions all 9 months of pregnancy- all 4 support

Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors- Biden supports, the other 3 candidates unknown

Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants- Biden and Williamson support, Lozada and Phillips unknown

Build the Border Wall-Biden a qualified response and the other 3 candidates oppose

Green New Deal- all 4 support

More Aid to Ukraine- all 4 support

Biological Men in Women’s Sports- all 4 support

ID Required to Vote- Biden, Phillips and Williamson oppose, Lozada unknown

Pro-LGBTQ Equality Act- all 4 support

Transgenders in the Military- all 4 support

Tuition Free College- Biden and Lozada unknown, Phillips and Williamson support


REPUBLICAN PRSIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: Donald Trump, Nikki Haley and Ryan Binkley (only 3 candidates still running, DiSantis remains on the ballot but dropped out of the race)

Abortion- Trump opposes abortion beyond the first 3 months, 3 other candidates oppose abortion

Gender Reassignment Surgery for Minors- all oppose

Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants- all oppose

Build the Border Wall- all support

Green New Deal- Trump and Haley oppose, Binkley unknown

More Aid to Ukraine- Trump and Binkley oppose, Haley supports

Biological Men in Women’s Sports- all oppose

ID Required to Vote- Trump and Haley support, Binkley unknown

Pro-LGBTQ Equality Act- Trump and Haley oppose, Binkley unknown

Transgenders in the Military- Trump and Haley oppose, Binkley unknown

Tuition Free College- Trump and Haley oppose, Binkley unknown

US CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES: Survey asked if they support or oppose the following laws, amendments or resolutions:

HR 26 Born Alive Abortions Survivors Act-requires babies who survive an abortion receive the same medical care as any other baby born at the gestational age.

H. Congressional Resolution (2023) condemns attacks and vandalism against pro-life organizations and churches

HR 734 (2023) Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act prevents biological boys from competing against girls.

HR 2670 Amend. 5 prohibits the Dept. of Defense from paying for or reimbursing expenses related to abortions

HR 2670 Amend. 35 would prohibit subjecting children in military-funded schools to books containing pornographic content or promoting “gender identity” to children

HR 2670 Natl. Defense Authorization Act (2023) focuses on the military’s true mission and limits Biden administration effort to promote abortion and transgender ideology

HR 5 Parent’s Bill of Rights safeguards parent’s right to view curriculum, books, and reading material at school, requires parental consent for a school to change gender markers

H. Res. 771(2023) declares the US House stands with Israel, calls on Hamas to immediately cease the brutal war, release hostages and the bodies of deceased hostages

HR 2 (2023) reinstates the Trump administration’s border security measures by resuming construction of the border wall, hiring more border agents and ending the “catch and release” of foreign nationals into our country 

HR 4664 Amend. 54 defunds the plan to build a new FBI building for $3.5 billion



District 1 Jonathan Jackson (has 2 Republican opponents Marcus Lewis and Montelle Gaji support the laws listed above but Gaji did not answer regarding the Stand With Israel Resolution.

District 2 Robin Kelly (Republican opponent Ashley Ramos supports the laws listed above)

District 3 Delia Ramirez voted against the Israel resolution (Republican opponent John Booras supports all laws listed)

District 4 Chuy Garcia (has a Democrat opponent Raymond Lopez who did not answer the survey about the laws)

District 5 Mike Quigley (Republican opponent Tommy Hanson supports all the laws listed)

District 6 Sean Casten (has 2 Democratic opponents Charles Hughes supports the laws listed above except prohibiting the military paying for abortions, Democrat opponent Mahnoor Ahmed and Republican Niki Conforti did not return surveys)

District 7 Danny Davis (has 5 opponents, 4 Democrats who did not answer surveys, Republican Chad Koppie supports all)

District 8 Raja Krishnamoorthi (has 1 opponent Republican Mark Rice who supports all the laws listed above)

District 9 Jan Schakowsky has no opponent


District 10 Brad Schneider (Republican opponent Jim Carris only answered that he supports the Israel resolution and Build the Wall)

District 11 Bill Foster ((has 4 opponents 3 Republicans Jerry Evans, Susan Hathaway-Altman and Kent Mercado support the laws listed above, his Democrat opponent Qasim Rashid did not answer the survey)

District 13 Nikki Budzinski (has 2 Republican opponents, Joshua Loyd supports all the laws and Thomas Clatterbuck opposes Born Alive Survivor’s Act, HR 3870 Amend. 35 regarding military-funded schools and HR 5 Parent’s Bill of Rights

District 14 Lauren Underwood (has 2 Republican opponents Jim Marter and Charles Kim who support the laws above)

District 17 Eric Sorenson (has 2 Republican opponents Scott Cowl who supports all the laws listed above and Joe McGraw who supports the Build the Wall Act but did not answer the rest of the survey)



District 12 Mike Bost voted to support the laws listed except the law to defund the new FBI building (he has 3 opponents Darren Bailey a Republican who supports all the laws listed and 2 Democrats who did not fill out the survey)

District 15 Mary Miller voted for all of the laws listed above (she has no opponent)

District 16 Darin LaHood voted for all the laws listed above except to defund the plan to build a new FBI building

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